Sip Sip away! 6 hour hot cold spill proof tumbler



All aboard the cruise life! 

Sail the seven seas, soak up the sun, sip on the cocktails, explore the island and feast on the smorgasbords! ahh the cruising life!

Some days you just want to leisurely sip on that delicious drink, but then the ice melts and it gets too hot and …… you know how that goes. 

Well we have that all solved for you

Slip your fingers around our slimline 6 hour hot/cold tumbler. 

Great for your winter coffee, while you are planning your next cruise, it will stay piping hot while you browse all the ships and tours.

It’s also  perfect for your summer vibe drinks.  Keeping your drink colder for so much longer! 

Fits perfectly in car cup holders as well. 

Also available in our egg style as well.