The dates of this event are 


starting at 12pm on the Friday and concluding at 11pm on the Sunday. 

this includes the following 

Entry to the Babe Raid from Friday to Sunday
Entry into the world record event on the Sunday
Dinner Friday
Dinner Saturday
Breakfast Saturday
Breakfast Sunday
Booty Bag
Babe Raid tee shirt or singlet
World record tee shirt
Entry Pass for full weekend
Entertainment Friday night
Entertainment Saturday night
Entertainment Sunday night
Entry to the show and shine
Full day program on the Saturday
please note that only black goes up to 12/13xl 
Maroon only goes up to size 5xl 
These tees are all a unisex cut. 
Ensure you have checked the size chart as exchanges are not possible 
Singlets only come in black
These are a women’s cut and only go up to size 2xl
The tee shirt/booty bag and all items are not sent out prior to the event, they are collected at check in at the event. 
Please ensure you click collect from store and not postage for your ticket price. 
The world record tee will only be coming out in one colour which is royal blue. 
You are only able to choose either 1 Babe Raid tee or 1 Babe Raid singlet  you do not get both in your order 
You also are given a world record tee in addition to the Babe Raid tee/singlet
Please note that if you tick both the singlet and the tee shirt option, you will only be getting the t shirt option. 
You can purchase a second tee or singlet separately from the ticket price if you are wanting a second one.  
terms and conditions when purchasing a ticket are here 

**Event Ticket Purchase Policy**


**1. Ticket Purchase Agreement**


By purchasing a ticket to the Babe Raid Reunion and World Record Event (hereinafter referred to as “the Event”), the purchaser agrees to the following terms and conditions outlined in this policy.


**2. No Refund Policy**


All ticket purchases are final and non-refundable. Once a ticket is purchased, there will be no refunds issued for any reason, including but not limited to changes in personal circumstances, scheduling conflicts, or event cancellation.


**3. Resale of Tickets**


  1. Tickets may only be resold at the same price they were originally purchased for.
  2. Prior approval must be obtained from the organizers before reselling any ticket.
  3. The original purchaser must notify the organizers of the intent to resell a ticket and provide necessary details.


**4. Verification of Purchaser’s Gender**


  1. The ticket purchaser must affirm that they are female and provide official documentation such as a passport, driver’s license, or proof of age card to verify their gender identity.
  2. Failure to provide adequate documentation may result in the cancellation of the ticket without a refund.


**5. Transfer of Tickets and Custom Items**


  1. In the event of a ticket being resold, there will be no option to change the size of any custom-made items included with the ticket purchase, such as t-shirts or singlets.
  2. The original purchaser must inform the new ticket holder of this policy.


**6. Dietary Requirements and Medical Conditions**


  1. Organizers will make every effort to accommodate dietary requirements provided by participants. However, participants are responsible for informing the organizers of any food allergies or medical conditions related to food, such as anaphylaxis.
  2. Participants with specific dietary needs or medical conditions are encouraged to perform their own due diligence regarding food suitability.
  3. Participants are required to inform the organizers if they suffer from any medical conditions related to food allergies or other dietary restrictions.


**7. Responsibility for Property and Licencing**


  1. Each attendee is responsible for their own insurance for their property, including motorcycles.
  2. Attendees must ensure that their license is correct and that their motorcycle is in line with the licensing they hold as per Australian law.


**8. Waiver of Claims**


  1. By attending the Event, participants waive the right to make any claims against the organizers or volunteers associated with the Babe Raid Reunion and World Record Event.


**9. Social Media Conduct**


  1. Participants agree that any disparaging comments or remarks made on social media platforms without factual claims or merits may result in defamation cases being brought against them.


**10. Agreement Acknowledgement**


By purchasing a ticket to the Babe Raid Reunion and World Record Event, the purchaser acknowledges that they have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined in this policy. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the denial of entry to the event without a refund.


**11. Policy Amendments**


The organizers reserve the right to amend or update this policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the event website or notification to ticket purchasers.


Babe Raid Reunion and World Record Event Organizing Committee 31st May 2024